[ENTERTAINMENT] Real Talk With Millie Tv Show

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Real Talk With Millie Tv Show [ENTERTAINMENT]

‘Until the Lion learns learn how to write, the story will always glorify the hunter’. ‘Until Africans learn to paint our picture we have to make do with the narrative of us out there. 
My name is Millicent Anozia Nwadiaro and like ‘Andrew’ of old, I checked out of Nigeria a decade ago. I experienced lots of cultural shock and had to jump through various hoops to settle down. I must say the story is not all bad but interestingly and fortunately, I discovered that I was equipped to swim the tide as a better born and bred original Nigerian chic. Do you want to hear my story?
I share my story weekly on my talk show, ‘Real Talk with Millie show’ shooting out of United Kingdom.  The talk show airs weekly, discussing real life issues with a mission to educate, enlighten, motivate and nudge viewers to purse their dreams, trust me it’s never too late.
The first episode I covered the Nigerian election, and next I dealt with the Single-parenthood realities and challenges. To watch online click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC7GarbRzRw&t=245s
Or watch the show go to Afrobeat Global TV channel. Please follow me on instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/realtalkwithmillie/  and
facebook Realtalkwithmilliefor great take away….

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